The Patterns

                Originally from the West coast, Barbara North studied textile and interior design in San Francisco before moving to Coastal Georgia in 1994.  She has worked as a professional photographer for many years but has never lost her love for textile design.  In Spring of 2015 she launched a line of scarves featuring patterns she created from her nature photographs.  In late 2015 she decided to combine her desire to produce sustainable products with her interest in fitness and an active lifestyle and Inspire Active Wear™ was born.  All patterns in the line are created by Barbara from her photography and are unique to Inspire Active Wear™


Pattern Stories:


No. 71 Parrot Aqua & Fuchsia

The bright color combinations of Parrots create some of the most fascinating patterns in nature. A blue and gold Macaw provided the basis for this design.  I am intrigued by the subtle variations in color found in the individual feathers and even more so, by the moiré pattern that is visible when viewed up close.
Parrot Pattern ©BarbaraNorthrup

No. 83 Cockles Cerulean & Tangerine

Occasionally hurricanes pass by off the shore of Coastal Georgia and in their wake they leave shell covered beaches.  After a storm some years ago, the beach was so thick with Cockle Shells you could barely see the sand.  I overlaid the image of the cockles with one of swirls and scrolls to reflect the blowing winds and waters that moved these shells up onto the land from their home on the sea floor.
Cockles Pattern ©BarbaraNorthrup

No. 93 Driftwood Azure & Magenta

Driftwood beaches are common along the coastlines of Georgia and the Carolina's.  They are places where the ocean is taking back the land.  These forested shorelines are slowly giving way to the sea leaving an eerie landscape of wooden skeletons.  The curved shapes of the branches and shadows in this image produced a pattern that reminds me of antique marbled bookend paper.
Driftwood Pattern ©BarbaraNorthrup

No. 97 Zebra Tush

Yes, that is his derriere!  Zebras are my favorite animal to photograph.  Head to toe and back to front, they provide such wonderful graphic interest.  This guy had a very sweet face but what really caught my eye was the strong back line and curved fine lines that accentuated this animal’s rump.
Zebra Tush Pattern ©BarbaraNorthrup


No. 89 Daisy Days

Summertime in the Appalachian Mountains is beautiful.  Cool green forests open into fields of daisy flowers that cover the landscape with randomly patterned carpets of color.  This design reflects the lively, carefree and colorful fun of summer in a mountain meadow.  
 Daisy Days Image ©BarbaraNorthrup