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No. 140 Wharf Wood

This pattern features a combination of the turquoise hues with complementary red tones and neutrals.  The texture of the wood adds depth to the vertical and linear elements in the design giving it a somewhat abstract appearance.

Wharfwood Original image and story:

I’m originally from Vancouver, BC. This beautiful city has a wonderful thriving waterfront right in the middle of downtown. Boatyards sit next to trendy shops, restaurants and art galleries.  I love weathered textures so I was thrilled to find stacks of wood blocks that were used to hold up dry-docked boats.   The wood had developed a complex patina of marine colored paint splatters and daubs blended together and then worn down by the wind and rain.



 The inspirational quote for Wharfwood is:

'Life does not have to be perfect to be Wonderful'.