New Fall 2021

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Fall is probably our favorite time of year for new designs.  There is something very comforting in earth tones and subdued colors.  Since we were unable to present a Fall Season last year due to the pandemic, this year we have three new patterns on offer:

Our new Jupiter Rising pattern is based on photos that NASA's Juno expedition to Jupiter has captured and sent back to earth.  Jupiter is a beautiful and fascinating planet with 59 moons!

Step out on the wild side with our Zebra Abstract design.  Black , grey, beige and blues make this pattern easy to fit into any existing wardrobe.  Make a statement with the matching Challenge Tank and Pocket leggings!

If jewel tones are more your thing, our Jungle Canopy pattern is the one for you.  Purple, lavender, and turquoise tones swirl together in this nature based design.