Hosta Pink Collection - NEW for Spring 2021

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Bright and cheerful - these colors will make you smile :)  This collection goes from pickleball court to lunch in a snap.   Best of all , they're all are made from recycled plastic water bottles!

No. 239 Hosta

Many of my patterns are based on plants and wandering through gardens is one of my favorite pastimes.  One of the nicest gardens I've visited belongs to the Hollyhock Retreat Center on Cortez Island, BC.  Only feet from the beach, the garden supplies the Retreat's kitchens with organic produce and, an abundant selection of flowers and decorative landscape plants that provide nourishment for the nose, eyes and soul.

All bottoms have an inspirational quote printed on the inside of the front waist band.  

The quote for Hosta Pink is:

Fortune sides with she who dares.